Soccer Formations

Youth soccer formations are explained for both Recreational and Travel teams. Soccer formations are important for coaches of teams that are age 8 and older. The formation you choose will be based on the number of players who are on the field and that typically ranges from 6 to 11 per side (i.e., 6v6 to 11v11). How to choose the soccer formation that is best for your team is discussed in detail in the articles below.

Below you can find over 100 pages about the soccer formations that work best for different types of teams and how to assign soccer positions. The formation you select should be based on your player's skill, speed and endurance, the size of the field you play on, and the speed and ability of your opponents. A typical mistake youth coaches make is choosing a soccer formation because a college or professional team uses it - you should not do that unless your team has the speed and ability of those teams.

Why it is important to choose the soccer formation that is best for your team. The soccer formation and style of play you choose for your team will have a HUGE effect on your team's chances of being successful. The right soccer formation can help a team be successful and the wrong soccer formation can make it very hard to be successful. Every team is different, and the soccer formation that is best for one team might not be the best for another team. Just because a soccer formation worked last season does NOT mean it is the best soccer formation for this season. For most Rec teams it is more important to use a formation that has "depth" than a formation that has "width". For example, for most Rec teams playing 8v8, a 2-1-3-1 soccer formation is better than a 3-2-2 or a 3-3-1 formation, and for Rec teams playing 11v11, a 3-2-3-2 is usually better than a 4-4-2.

The soccer formation you choose can have a great impact on how well your team is able to play and compete. Below are links to detailed descriptions of how to choose the best soccer formation for your youth soccer team, with an emphasis on recreational soccer teams playing 6 vs 6, 8 vs 8, 9 vs 9 and 11 vs 11. The advantages and disadvantages of many soccer formations are explained.

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